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Requests regarding Melis Technology Company, products and relationships with Strategic Partners

Yes, definitely! Melis Technology is built on the most powerful components of the market which doesn't mean it is in any way complex. One of Melis Technology strenghts is the intuitive user interface which makes it very easy to use. For the developers who want to customize the product it is recommended to have PHP and Zend Framework skills but no specific skills are required for the contributors. They will love it immediately when starting to use it. Quite no training is required which contribute to an immediate ROI. 

No, Melis Technology OEM agreement with Zend Technology covers only the applications developed and deployed with Melis Web Development Platform. If you want to run other applications with Zend Server you have to buy a new license directly to Zend. 

First of all Melis Technology "Premium versions" are versionned which make them maintainable by our support. That way Melis Technology provides you the accurate support with SLA commitment to back up your own SLA commitment to your customers. You also get a full support on all the layers of your applications including PHP language and Zend Framework. In addition and even if you pay a subscription the agility, ease of use and intuitive interface of Melis Technology generate a quick ROI compared to most of the free version. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to evaluate the ROI of Melis Technology compared to other products.

There is no need to know Zend Server to install and run Melis Technology as it is embedded into the product. Installing Zend Server is completely automated and you need less skills than to install any other PHP stacks. Then most of the 80+ features provided by Zend Server are accessible directly through Melis dashboard and very easy to use. To use 100 % of Zend Server powerful features the complete training course is 2 days for a developer and less for production people. Zend Server is the only one PHP application server tools to generate "DevOps" collaboration. Using Melis Technology will significantly raise SLA's capabilities of your Web Agency. 

Because all layers of your applications, including the PHP Stack and Zend Framework are compatible, maintained and evolutive throughout the time. You don't depend on any specific developments that would be hardly maintained throughout the time. At the same time you get an incredible ready to use set of tools that are not accessibles with free software.

Yes, Melis Technology is using 100 % of the Zend Framework capabilities and more specifically Zend DB functionalities which makes it independent of the DB's. It means that Melis Technology is compatible with any type DB's.

FAQ Melis Technology Editions & Licensing

Requests regarding Melis Technology Editions and the Licensing mode

Melis Technology CE is distributed under the OSL 3 open source license.OSL 3.0 is a reciprocal (or "copyleft") license. It imposes a reciprocal source code disclosure obligation: Under OSL 3.0, Derivative Works of OSL 3.0-licensed Original Works must themselves be licensed under OSL 3.0, and therefore the Source Code of those Derivative Works must be disclosed.

MTSBE, MTPE and MTEE are all distributed under the Melis Technology End User License Agreement (MT EULA). It is available on the web site into "Ressources/License"

The best is to contact us as we will help you to optimize the license needs depending on your performance, security, high availability and budget constraints. 

No, if you want to benefit the support on all layers of your Web Platform including PHP and Zend Framework. Through Zend Server Melis Technology provides you more than 80 performance, security, management, etc. features and at the same time all the information requested in case of incident. Zend Server Monitoring and Code Tracing capture all environment and performance information you and our support can analyse to identify instantly any occurring problem. It is 100% benefits with no constraints for you! 

FAQ Partners

FAQ for Web Agencies or SI that are interested to become a Melis Technology partner

It is not a problem at all to use the very intuitive and powerful Zend Server technology as it is embedded into Melis Products and interfaces. First of all, installing Zend Server is completely automated and easier to install than any other PHP stacks. PHP skilled developers will instantly adopt Zend Server in regard to the 80+ features they instantly get. All functionalities are very easy to set up and Zend Server will provide them all the dreamed tools a developer ever expect to develop, test and package his code and monitore and trace its execution in production. That way he will get very details information when production reports any execution slowdown or failure. 

The Zend Server training to review 100% of the functionalities is less than 2 days for developers and operations. You cannot imagine the savings it will generate to your company...For operations the benefits are huge as Zend Server brings the powerful tools they expected for long to run PHP applications. 

Yes, you have to pay 2, 3,5 or 5k euros annually for which you will get numerous benefits like marketing and sales material, pre-sales support, licenses for your teams, access to the technical support, link on our website, discounts on Melis Products and services for your own usage or to resell, etc. Check the Partner Program spreadsheet into the "Become a Parter" tab.