About Us

The Web Development and e-Commerce Platform to success. advance. industrialize. progress.



Melis Technology Community Edition is Open Source. You can download it, try it, develop new projects and run them into production for non critical applications. 



Training courses are available to provide you all the required skills to autonomously develop and deploy your web applications with Melis Technology solutions and components including PHP, Zend Framework and Zend Server.


Premium Edition

For more critical applications with a SLA commitment to your customers you can rely on Melis Technology Enterprise solutions. You will get all the tools and support services to build a real OCO strategy.



Melis Technology is providing you Certification Services to ensure your custom developments are meeting Melis Technology architecture to guaranty the maintenability of the overall solution.



Melis Technology products are developed for System Integrators and Web Agencies or Enterprises able to address the challenges of a successful OCO strategy. Become a partner and you will make the difference!



Melis Technology offers all type of expertises you could spontaneously need to get advises, to deploy or to custom Melis Applications to your specific business (PHP, Zend Framework, Ext JS, Bootstrap, HTML5, JavaScript...).

Who We Are?

Melis Technology is a Software company with 10 years' experience of web applications and e-Commerce development to address the expectations of Business and IT decision makers for which OCO (Online Channel Optimization) becomes the driver of business growth and customer loyalty.

Zend Framework
Bootstrap / JQuery
Zend Server

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