Zend Framework 2: Fundamentals

 Zend Framework 2: Fundamentals


Zend Framework 2 (ZF2) is an open-source framework for developing web applications and services with PHP. ZF2 is implemented using 100% object-oriented code, with a component structure that incorporates a "use-at-will" design. The ZF2 architecture is extremely flexible, using events and listeners to shape application flow. Another powerful feature is service management, which allows developers to configure shared or unique services in order to build classes via factories which can inject parameters. Leveraging advanced PHP 5.3.x features such as namespaces and closures, ZF2 incorporates advanced design patterns, including MVC, publish/subscribe, and strategy, among others.


This course is designed for people who have a solid foundation in the PHP language and OOP, and have successfully created complex PHP web applications. This is an introductory course and assumes no previous Zend Framework 2 experience.

While this is a fundamental level course on Zend Framework 2, it requires more than a fundamental level understanding of PHP. We will do a short review of topics but in general participants are assumed to be proficient enough in the language to understand intermediate-level code examples and to perform coding exercises.

What will I learn?

“Zend Framework 2: Fundamentals is an essential class for the working PHP professional to quickly come up to speed writing ZF2 Modules and Applications.  How to use the basics of the API and MVC framework are extensively covered.  More important, the structural concepts of "PubSub", modules and Dependency Injection are covered to create more loosely coupled software components that will save your clients huge money over time.  This class is highly suggested for independents, freelancers and corporate software engineers with a passion for excellence.”

John Dohoney,  CTO & Owner  RightSolutions ConsultingClass outline


Solid understanding of PHP at an intermediate to advanced level and OOP experience

What does it include?

This course provides a series of ten 2-hr, instructor-led lectures on the Zend Framework 2 design architecture, coupled with practical examples and student exercises. Participants are provided with a course guide, and the solution code for a practice application used as a teaching tool throughout the course. You will also be able to access the session recordings for a full 30 days after completion of the course, so that you have time to review the materials at your own pace, to solidify important concepts and advance your coding skills!  

Class Registration and System Requirements

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