PHP I: Foundations

  PHP I: Foundations


PHP I Foundations, will provide you with a an overview of the PHP language, main concepts  and help you develop and adopt the methodologies and best practices of coding professionally in PHP. This class is suitable for non programmers and software developers at a beginning level.


This course is designed for non programmers and beginners with less than 6-12 months of software development experience who want to learn the basics of the PHP language. Web designers who intend to learn the basics of professional web programming and  become PHP Developers would benefit from this course.

What I will be able to achieve?

- Understand the syntax and structural elements of PHP
- Know how to correctly apply the various control-flow structures
- Understand PHP data types, type-juggling, and operator precedence
- Organize code into reusable functions
- Accomplish tasks using PHP's wealth of built-in file system and array functions
- Understand essential elements of HTTP such as cookies and sessions
- Build forms to collect information from a user
- Interact with a database using PHP's MySQL functions

Class outline


Basic knowledge of HTML.  The class  assumes some familiarity with web sites – what they are and the very basics of how they work – but no programming experience.

What does it include?

This online class provides nine instructor-led lectures. Each session is 2 hours long which makes it also suitable for professionals during their work hours. You will be given a participant course guide to help you follow along with the lectures and exercises, as well as the exercises solution code. Students are granted access to the recorded sessions after the class ends, so you can continue to practice your PHP programming skills even after the course is over. This class can be also delivered by an instructor on site.

Class Registration and System Requirements

Registration Information and Technical Requirements