PHP I: Foundations for IBM i Professionals

PHP I: Foundations for IBM i Professionals

Designed specifically for IBM i professionals, this class provides RPG/ ILE programmers with a solid foundation in the PHP language. This course guides you through the basics of PHP with an experiential approach, filled with numerous examples and hands-on exercises, and makes frequent reference to the similarities and differences between the PHP and RPG languages, for better comprehension. This class includes the content of the PHP I Foundations class and additional three IBM i specific sessions. 


This course is designed for experienced IBM i system programmers who currently use RPG (or COBOL) looking to modernize existing applications or develop new front ends for existing RPG applications as well as develop completely new web-based application.

What will I learn?

PHP Foundations for IBMi , provides the IBM Power systems developers and administrators with a an overview of the PHP language and main concepts allowing you to drive application modernization bring the power of web and mobile development to the IBM i platform. You will also learn about the advanced tools for System i programmers and practice your new skills with special IBM i exercises.

What will I be able to achieve?

- Understand the syntax and structural elements of PHP
- Know how to correctly apply the various control-flow structures
- Understand PHP data types, type-juggling, and operator precedence
- Organize code into reusable functions
- Accomplish tasks using PHP's wealth of built-in file system and array functions
- Understand essential elements of HTTP such as cookies and sessions
- Interact with a database using PHP's DB2 functions and MySQL extensions
- Learn how to utilize the IBM/Zend desgined Open Source (PHP) Toolkit to access your IBM i resources like HLL Programs (RPG, COBOL, CL) and native IBM i artifacts such as system values, data areas, spooled files and more.
-Understand how PHP runs natively on IBM i and what subsystems are involved in the provisioning of resources

Class outline


Basic knowledge of HTML is required for this course. This course requires experience in RPG/COBOL development or administration of IBM i environments. 

What does it include?

This online class provides a total of 23 hours of instruction divided to 2-hour instructor-led lectures covering the PHP language, coupled with practical examples and student exercises. There additional sessions cover specific IBM i related topics . You will be given a participant course guide, to help you follow along with the lectures and exercises, as well as the exercises solution code. You will also be granted access to the recorded sessions for thirty days after your class ends. This class can be also delivered by an instructor on site.

Class Registration and System Requirements

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