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Try Melis Platform Community Edition  Demo

Access the demo and try Melis Platform by clicking on the buttons on the right.
You may access Melis Platform's back-office and the demo's associated front website.

The demo is reseted everyday at 1AM GMT+2.

3 ways to download Melis Platform Community Edition

Use Composer

Get Melis Platform CE through composer, the easiest way to start your project.
Run directly this command to get all CE edition modules in a project ready skeleton:

composer create-project melisplatform/melis-platform-skeleton .

Use GitHub

Get Melis Platform CE directly through GitHub, and clone only modules that you need.

Use Docker

Get Melis Platform through Docker.

git clone 
cd app/latest && docker-compose build --pull
docker-compose up -d

How to install


Get licensed versions of Melis Platform

Select the adapted license depending on your needs and the SLA's you want to get. Ask for it to develop new projects. You go to demo section and play with it to see the functional benefits in addition with the SLA supports

Read Technical Documentation

All our products are available with a simple and easy to read documentation. Download it and save time!

Back Office documentation

Front Office documentation

Module documentation