Melis Platform V.3.0 Released

We are excited to unveil the new features with the version 3!

On top of the list is the Drag & Drop plugin system making it even easier to build pages thanks to a right menu in page edition. Just select your plugin, drag and drop it in a zone created for this purpose, configure it in a few seconds and that's it!

But that's not all, the version 3 brings a brand-new left menu with multiple and fully customizable dashboards. In the Marketplace we added sections to filter and identify quickly all modules. We integrated a GDPR module allowing to find users in a few seconds, export and/or delete data so no problem to be GDPR compliant.

You want more?

We also introduced the version 1 of MelisBlog module. Create, edit, delete, activate, deactivate, set publishing and unpublishing dates of your blog posts, define all types of texts, add pictures and documents. Manage your blog with serenity.

Let's talk about the version 1 of MelisUserAccount, the front office users can now have an account to log in to your site and you can manage their account through the MelisUserAccount module, activate/deactivate users, add new ones, edit or delete them.

We just couldn't stop here as it wouldn't be complete without the version 1 of MelisComment module!
So let's combine the blog, the user account and the comment modules, I think you're seeing the big picture right there. Insert comments in your blog posts and select if the comments require a user account or not. To push it farther select if the comments have to be validated by an admin before appearing on the site.