Melis Platform V5 is out!

As companies grow, their digital needs grow too, such as a website, e-commerce, CRM, newsletter and sometimes specific development needs.
Very often each of these digital applications are based on different technologies with different providers. They need to be maintained and interconnected which can become very difficult to orchestrate and relatively costly time and money wise.
Melis Platform is a digital platform that answers the different digital needs of the company from the core of one unique interface built with an innovating modular architecture and a single technological base making it much easier to maintain and evolve allowing a ROI and time to market extremely competitive vs the previous solutions.

Today is another demonstration that Melis Platform always keeps itself up to date with the latest version of its core technologies. Here is what came with the Version 5!

Melis Platform started with PHP5 back in 2009 and today it is running on the latest version: PHP8!
PHP8 is said to increase performance of querries by 20 to 30% more per second vs previous versions which gives a huge boost to your application.

News tool
The news tool is one of the most used tool of the platform, this is where you can manage all the latest articles you have.
After hearing numerous feedbacks from our clients we decided to give it a boost by enhancing the tool with the followings:

- SEO Integration
We understand SEO is a huge part of a website's success, giving the possibility to edit all SEO aspect is a key ingredient.
So title, description, URls, etc... all SEO aspects can be managed from each news directly.

- Workflow
Collaboration within a company is of utmost importance for an optimum content management. While the worflow exists on page edition it made sense to include it to the news tool, enhancing the collaboration outcome of the different contributors working on the news.

- Drag and Drop of text fields
This is a huge improvement. While before we could add a text area, fill up the text then add one more and so on to create the news, it was lacking the flexibility to reorganize the article to change the disposition of the different text blocks. With this update, all of the text blocks of an article can easily be interchanged by just drag and droping a text block.

Login with email address
Finally with this update comes the possibility to now login with either the username or the email address. While this part doesn't seem much, it actually contributes to a gain of time for the users of the platform as many don't necessarily remember their usernames and now have another option with their adress email.

Melis Platform keeps on improving and once more demonstrate its scalability with constant evolving technologies, maintaining its clients to the highest technological standards, ensuring the best security and performance for their applications.