Melis Link Checker

It has come to our attention that broken links could be hard to trace when a site has hundreds of pages (or more!).

Some external tools like Google Analytics are useful to detect these kind of links but it's not always easy to find it in the tool and even harder to trace the broken link itself in the site and the page.

This is why we have thought carefully and designed accordingly Melis Link Checker.

This tool, as a V1, allows to scan the pages of your site for 2 things:
- Broken links
- Broken images

You can select which one to scan (even both at once) before launching the scan.

We also implemented 3 types of scan for your website:
- One page only
- Treeview
- Internal link of pages

It makes sense that for different needs different scans should apply.
Indeed the scan on one page will scan the page itself and that's it.
The scan of the treeview will scan the page selected and all the children pages.
Finally the scan Internal link of pages will scan all of the link of the page selected and then scan the pages of those links provided that they are internal links (of course we're not going to scan the entire Internet!).

If any broken link is found during a scan, then the page ID is logged in the tool with the corresponding URL and an easy access to the corresponding page so users of Melis Platform can easily and quickly track and solve the broken links of their site.

If a scan doesn't detect any broken link then no page is logged. Also in this case, a previous page with broken links would be removed from the logs.

At Melis we constantly work to improve Melis Platform, the development Platform fully customizable for all your digital needs.

Give it a quick try here: