How is Melis Platform the solution for your digital needs?

Let's imagine you are a growing company, you have increasing needs for tools to improve different aspects and processes of your company to handle scalability.
You get a CRM to manage your prospects and often need some customizations to adapt to your specific needs.
You get maybe a newsletter tool to email those prospects.
You also use a CMS to manage your website(s) sometimes even more than one CMS for different websites!
Maybe you need additional tools to answer other needs and so on.

You end up with different platforms, logins, technologies, not necessarily connected between themselves.
As the company grows and technologies evolve, these tools need to adapt and remain secured but when all these tools are built on different technologies that's when it becomes complicated, and very often, extremely costly.

So what if you could centralize everything into one and unique platform ?
No need anymore for different apps, URLs, logins and complexe user management accross multiple platforms.
No need to have a horde of developpers with different skillsets to maintain these tools.
Everything can be centralized through Melis Platform.

Thanks to the user and role management system of Melis Platform it's easy to configure access from broad to very specific parts of the platforms.
Thanks to the tool creator development costs are sliced.
Everything is under the same technologies, making it more reliable, performant, expandable and secure.
Possibilities are - almost - unlimited.

These are the reasons why our clients have chosen Melis Platform as their platform of choice.

Inquire now for a free demo of the platform and we will show you its full potential.