Melis Commerce upgrades

Melis Platform is a development platform allowing to easily develop and maintain customized modules to answer the growing digital needs of companies.

But Melis Platform has already plenty of tools developed and ready to use! Today is not about melisCore, Cms or Marketing, but about MelisCommerce.

MelisCommerce is a full suite of tools designed to manage any ecommerce website:
- Catalogs
- Products
- Clients
- Orders
- Coupons
- Attributes
- Countries
- Commerce languages
- Currencies
- Order status
- Commerce settings

To complete this arsenal we added a new tool : Client groups.
This tool, as its name suggests, allows the creation of an unlimited number of groups to which clients can be assigned to.

The goal is to be able to set the prices of products and/or variants depending on the client groups. Think of it as the possibility to set a regular price and retail price for example or maybe a normal price and a VIP price.

Also to easily and quickly see how each product price was computed we included logs in the orders for each product purchased.

To push it a little further we also created a separate module (MelisCommerceGroupDiscountPerCategory) to extend the functionalities of this tool. This separate module is adding the possibility to set discounts in percentage per categories and client groups.

How about testing MelisCommerce for yourself here: Melis Platform Live Demo

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