GDPR Tool Upgrade!

Let's talk about GDPR and compliance.

It might not be the most exiting subject but it's a very important one.

For those who don't know yet, on Melis Platform we have an existing - and pretty awesome - GDPR tool allowing to find, extract and delete any prospect, user, email, etc... In the modules of the platform. We previously upgraded this module to allow the customization of the text in the GPDR banner.

Today we went a step further, and it's a huge one, we have fully automated the GDPR compliance system!

Ok but what does it mean exactly "automated the GDPR comliance system"?

Let's see, the GDPR states in short that you cannot keep any personal data without the consent of the person for more than a certain time (3 years if I'm not wrong).

So we upgraded our tool with the following functionalities:

Configuration of the Cron
- Send an alert email to the user to inform that their data will be deleted if they don't "consent" to keep it.
- Send a second alert email.
- Activate or deactivate each alert.
- Set the time (in days) of the anonymisation if there has been no activity of the user.
- Set the time (in days) of the 1st alert email.

Configuration of the email
- SMTP configuration
- Sender name
- Reply to
- Tags availables
- Layout
- Title of the layout
- Logo
- Email message

- Details of the first alert
- Details of the second alert
- Details of the anonymization

Indeed let's not forget that all of this above is:
- Multi-modules: by default implemented on the prospects, newsletters and user accounts modules so each module can be configured individually. It can also be implemented on specific modules.
- Multi-sites: Can be configured individually for any site.
- Multi-languages: Can be configured individually for any language.

So basically now you can decide to automatically send (or not) alert emails to your users to let them know that their data will be removed if they don't consent to keep it and set a time limit to automatically remove the data.
This can be done in any site, in any language and in any module on Melis Platform.

Looking for an amazing platform for your project? don't hesitate, Melis Platform is the one!