Melis Platform invites Twig and Silex to the party

Melis Platform is full of surprises, adding under its wings the most renown modern template engine for PHP: Twig!

Melis created the Twig module to give more flexibility in declaring your templates with now 2 compatible template engines.

And we didn't do half the work, editing zones and Melis plugins integration are indeed compatible with Twig. To demonstrate it we created a few pages, some as Twig templates and others as Zend Framework 2 templates (Oh right, you can have both running simultaneously).

On top of this, Silex is joining Laravel, Symfony and Lumen among the frameworks compatible, proving once more the potential of Melis Platform.
A plugin and demo tool have been already developed in Silex to show it in action.

Our goal is to give developpers the possibility to rely on their area of expertise by bringing as much flexibility as possible with complementary technologies to the platform.