Private Modules and Commerce New Release

In the series of private modules a new one is making its appearance: Melis Category
Melis Category answers the need of websites requiring categories for any purpose like for news, blogs or section of any kind, possibilities are just limitless!

Melis Comments saw his own Dashboard plugin released listing the latests comments of news and blogs with filters per site and user, giving visibility to see all new comments and ease of access as a click on it opens the corresponding tab.

Another one who saw his own Dashboard plugin released is the Google Analytics plugin. Provided that Google Analytics has been set in the site analytics tool, this plugin will display some of the key indicators of Google Analytics directly in the Dashboard.

On the commerce side we are glad to announce the release of Melis Commerce Order Invoice. Each order is now generating a standard invoice downloadable from the Back Office in the Order tool.

We look forward to develop new tools and new functionalities to always enhance your Melis Platform experience.