We released today the version 3.1 of Melis Platform.

This release comes with some exciting new features! The main evolution being the new site tool.
First we created an easy step by step process to create and configure perfectly your sites on Melis Platform. From single to multilingual, with different domain or URL based, with or without existing modules, we covered every option. To make it sweeter we restructured the tool to make it simpler, more efficient and user friendly. We regrouped together in one place the properties, modules loaded, domains, languages, configuration and translations for each of your sites. To add a last touch we added the option to minify the assets of the site to boost performance.

Other evolutions include the upgrade to the latest version of TinyMCE offering a great experience to edit any content. The recharting of the plugin menus in the Dashboard and page edition to make them consistent with the platform. The introduction of the "NEW!" icon in the plugin menus to give awareness on new plugins. The empty Dashboard evolution providing some insight with a tutorial on how to use and customize the Dashboard. The GDRP evolution giving you the option to edit the text of the "cookie banner" for each of your sites. The introduction of the Dashboard plugins in the user's rights, and finally the deletion of notifications from the bell.

At Melis Technology we are commited to give you the best experience to manage your sites, developing new features and enhancing existing ones is our priority!