Newsletter Module, Mini-Templates Plugin and Tipimail in Today's Release

Melis Technology is proud to announce today the release of the Newsletter module!

The module regroups all newsletter subscribers into one place giving the possibility to add new subscribers individually, to import them through a csv file and also to export them with different set of filters. Each subscriber can be activated or deactivated from a simple click.

The module also brings a group feature allowing to set different groups of subscribers. One subscriber can belong to no group, one or many groups.

The creation of a newsletter is pagelike with the wysiwyg editor. A preview feature allows to see the newsletter from the browser and a test feature allows to double check it from the email inbox.

The newsletter can be sent to one or several individual subscribers, to members of a group or to more than one group of subscribers with an history tab tracing all actions performed.

Lastly the module offers a simplified smtp configuration.

To complete the Newsletter module we also combined Tipimail to Melis Platform so you can now log in to your Tipimail account directly from the platform.

Additionally, Melis Technology released the Mini-Template Plugin System which loads the mini templates available in the plugin menu allowing a simple drag and drop to use them.

Another big update is the implementation of the MelisCmsShare to meet deeper your SEO needs. Basically, MelisCmsShare allows the edition of the Open Graph. You can set the page title, type, description, URL and picture that would be displayed on social media if the page is shared.