MelisCommerce is Adding Strings To its Bow!

With the implementation of 30+ commerce plugins (yes you heard me right, 30+ plugins!), building an ecommerce website on Melis Platform just got way easier. Categories, Clients, Cart, orders and products just revealed their whole new set of plugins. Open a page, drag, drop, configure, publish and get a cup of coffee, it's done. What would you like to display quickly? A list of categories, the associated products, a registration form? Now you have the choice.

Remember the difference between a product and a variant on Melis Platform? A product can have variations like the color, size etc... which we call variants.
Well this month we figured it would be awesome to access a variant directly from the list of products so... we did it! On mouseover on a product, the list of variants is displayed and on click on a variant it opens the variant tab directly. Faster = more efficient!

Manage your Ecommerce serenely site with MelisCommerce.