Hosting Partner

Hosting Partners

Today 100% of hosting companies contractualize a 99,99% availability on their infrastructure. Is it still an important criteria when 80% of the problems are now coming from all software components and not from the hardware or network infrastructures?

Melis Technology Premium versions (Small Business, Professional and Enterprise Editions) provides you the tools to manage the fast pace software life cycle and to anticipate, detect and fix all software components failures. It includes functionalities like continuous integration, continuous delivery, monitoring, code tracing, session clustering, audit trails and more than 80 other unique services with a 24/7/365 support.

If you want to provide first-class online services with a very high SLA to your customers, call us! We will help you to select the right Hosting or Cloud providers able to deliver it.

Below is a list of partners that demonstrated us their ability to deliver high SLA's including the software aspects

Hosting Partner List

Do not hesitate to call or contact us to get any information you might need about our Hosting Partners

NBS System

NBS System

build in 1999, NBS System is specialised in IT security, security audits, server hosting and e-commerce hosting since 2006. NBS System info currently manages around 2 500 websites. NBS System has developed its own solutions, such as Zend Cloud or Extend to Cloud to guarantee an optimal performance and secure growth.

Zend Cloud by NBS, is the unique alliance between Zend (The PHP Company) and NBS System.Through this meaningful partnership, your servers are as optimised as possible, stables and above all scalables. Zend Cloud by NBS enables therefore to cover, for the first time, 100% of our clients’ issues, from the diagnostic to the optimisation, from the flexibility to reliable metrics.



Numergy proposes Cloud computing services to all type of Enterprises and Public Administrations.

Numergy offers a secured IaaS infrastructure and guaranty the data localization of its customers. Datacenters are installed in France and will cover in a near future all European territory. Sales strategy is indirect and Numergy develops a partner network of ISV's, System Integrators and resellers that delivers new competitive solutions for growth.