Melis Cms Google Analytics

The module that brings Google Analytics into Melis Platform.

MelisCmsGoogleAnalytics extends MelisCmsPageAnalytics to offer Google Analytics as a module inside Melis PLatform tracking your sites and pages. It includes a step by step process to configure Google Analytics on Melis Platform.
Additionally the module comes with a Dashboard plugin, giving a quick insight on the analytics data.

additional info

This is a private module.

You can't download it directly, it must be bought.

Please, contact us at:

(+33) 972 386 280

Or directly through our contact form.

MeliSCmsGoogleAnalytics' Site analytics
MeliSCmsGoogleAnalytics' Configuration
MeliSCmsGoogleAnalytics' Steps configuration
MeliSCmsGoogleAnalytics' Dashboard plugin