Melis Cms Blog

The module that brings a full blog system to your website.

MelisCmsBlog is the Blog module of Melis Platform.
The module comes with a tool allowing users to manage the list of blog, their properties, their images and their texts.
This module is also compatible with MelisCmsSlider, and if both are activated, a slider might be associated to a blog and displayed with it. It is also compatible with MelisSmallBusiness implementing the workflow inside the blog module.
MelisCmsBlog also brings 3 different plugins to be used on pages with drag'n'drop:

- list of blog
- latest blog
- blog detail
All plugins can be configured in order to adjust filters, ordering, etc.

additional info

This is a private module.

You can't download it directly, it must be bought.

Please, contact us at:

(+33) 972 386 280

Or directly through our contact form.

MelisCmsBlog' list of blog posts
MelisCmsBlog' blog properties
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