Features Overview

 We are delighted to highlight some value added features of the open source suite of CMS, e-Commerce, Marketing & Business apps Platform.

Melis Platform is the ONLY ONE platform developers can complete with business apps and customize with the framework of their choice!

Features Overview

1st Cross-Framework Platform

Melis Platform is the first open source cross-framework digital platform allowing developers to code with the framework of their choice : Symfony, Laravel, Zend Framework/Laminas, Lumen, Silex...

php frameworks

Event-driven architecture

Melis Platform is 100 % built on the modular, microservice and event-driven architecture of Zend Framework (ZF), making it very flexible and easy to adapt to any customer specific request. 

APIs and Customize

Tool Creator

Melis Platform allows developers to create new modules in minutes thanks to the Tool Creator, cutting development costs up to 90%!


Melis Platform provides a Marketplace where public and private modules are available (Blog, Prospects, Commerce, etc...).


100% Microservices

Melis Platform architecture is 100% modular and all service components are accessible through published APIs. This makes all Melis Platform services accessible by any other application or device through these APIs.

Melis provides developers all the API's layers and tools to modify them or to develop their own extensions.


The architechture of Melis Platform has been conceived to maximize the security of your data against any threats and attacks. Front-Office, Back-Office and Databases are fully separated.

With Premium versions you get an SLA support on all components of your application including PHP, Framework and the application server. Additionally the support can be extended to the OS and the DB. 



  • Manage and deploy an unlimited number of websites from only one Melis Platform interface.
  • Easily share content, modules, tools, code or processes on all of your sites.
  • Keep a consistent brand and corporate identity across all your sites and applications.


Multilingual management is integrated in all aspect of content and site managements.

Specific access can be defined for translators to translate your content efficiently and securely.


Multi Channel

Melis architecture naturally adapts the content to all type of devices (Desktop, tablets, phones...)


Personalize 100% of the Back Office for each user individually or for a group of users, giving access to:

  • None, one, or mutliple modules, websites, sections or pages. 
  • None, one or multiple actions (create, save, publish, etc...).
  • None, one or all information (properties, analytics, SEO, versioning, etc...).



The workflow allows contributors to submit their work to x levels of approvers or group of approvers.

Notifications to approvers are done by email and directly in the platform from a dashboard plugin.

All requests and approvals are logged in a comments section . 

Full drag & drop Plugins 

Build complete pages in minutes with the Drag & Drop plugin system available for regular or e-Commerce sites.

Melis Platform comes already with a list of pre-made plugins and of course customized ones can be created for each project.



Live Editing

Users and Contributors adopt immediately Melis Platform as it is simple, intuitive and powerful.

The pages are directly loaded in the Back Office and the wysiwyg editor allows to edit the content as you see it on the format of your choice : Desktop, tablet, mobile...

Multi template engines

Melis Platform offers the possibility to use different template engines such as Twig or ZF2 to give more flexibility to developers to build your websites.
Live Editing



Melis Platform comes with all the necessary tools to make your sites compatible with the WCAG norm.

Multiple tailored Dashboards

Melis Platform offers to each user several dashboards.

Users can personalize each dashboard with standard and advanced indicators provided or with custom made plugins.


Responsive Back Office

Melis Platform is fully responsive, making it handy to make any quick contribution or modification while on the move.

Only one interface

Melis Platform runs as many CMS's, e-Commerce websites or business applications on a single interface without any technical or performance limits.

Live Editing

Social Media

Social Media

Combine your web and Social networks strategies in order to permanently interact with your visitors and customers. 

Melis Platform ease the integration of your websites with the Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  by providing simple tools to edit metas, pictures, urls, etc...


Whether your shops have one or thousands articles our performant and robust interface allows to manage easily your catalogs, products, attributes, customers, orders, promotions and more...

Social Media

DevOps features

With Melis Platform you get more than 80 DevOps features that contribute significantly to the performance, security, scalability and facilitate the job of operators:

  • Monitoring of the code
  • Code tracing running in production to detect code execution errors with its root cause
  • Management of servers (when multiple servers
  • Automated deployment of applications rollback capabilities,
  • etc. 


Melis Platform provides all critical features to guarantee the best performance of your websites at any time:

  • Opcoding
  • Cache management
  • Session clustering (when multiple servers)
  • Automated scale up and scale down of servers
  • minifying of assets
  • etc.


LDAP Integration

Melis Platform can be connected to the Enterprise LDAP in order to use the user profiles, ID and Password already managed at the company level to optimize the user information management. 

Media Manager

With its Media Manager and File Manager, Melis Platform media library manage all type of medias like video, images, PDF files... that facilitate the organisation and publication of these contents. 

Media Manager


Search Engine Optimisation

Today SEO is key to improve your website ranking on search engines. With Melis Platform you can efficiently manage all different SEO aspects of each of your websites and pages (title, description, url, redirection, etc.).


Melis Platform provides a GDPR module with a search engine allowing the search and location of any specific personal data to extract and/or delete it when requested.


Continuous Delivery

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is the 1st step of the Continuous delivery cycle. It covers the 3 phases of a Software building (build, Code Quality and Packaging).

Continuous Delivery

Melis Platform makes the evolution of your application an easy and natural process in providing developers and operations major continuous delivery features and services.

Continuous Integration

 Release Automation

Release Automation

Melis Platform provides the most performant ready to use Release Automation tools and services to automate the deployment on single or multiple server infrastructures (Cluster Deployment) in checking all dependencies and features to automate a rollback if something goes wrong. 

Infrastructure Automation

Melis Platform embeds a complete set of ready-to-use tools to automate the provisioning (adapt the power of the infrastructure to performance needs) and control the configuration. 

It also provides all "Elastic Scaling" features on the cloud of your choice.

Infrastructure Automation